• Honored as Iowa’s Science Teacher of the Year
  • Former Education Technology Advisor to Governor of the state of West Virginia
  • Invited to White House to personally brief the president on active learning and simulation applications in educational environments
  • Featured in Converge Magazine for design, development, and launch of innovative program Classroom Sim
  • MS Education, University of Iowa

Principal Consultant

A nationally-recognized thought leader, Nancy is an award-winning educator who brings over 20 years’ experience in virtual learning, simulation environments, and faculty development. With a life-long calling to motivate students, coach teachers, and create transformative learning environments, Nancy’s award-winning programs and techniques enable teachers to use classroom technology effectively to maximize student success. A former Teacher of the Year and Executive Director of NASA’s Challenger Learning Center, Nancy designed and launched the first space simulation delivered through technology. A project manager for a college in the southwest says of Nancy, “My experience with Nancy was amazing, and it helped to bridge a gap towards my ideas of future classroom design.” With teaching at the heart of all Nancy enjoys, she spends her spare time playing with her grandchildren.

Nancy can be contacted in our Washington DC office at 202.479.2001 x321