The evolution of healthcare delivery from place-based to technology-based is transforming the way health and wellbeing are managed. The new criticality: leveraging technology to deliver optimal care, from telehealth to hands-on treatment for both in- and out-patient. The result is improved outcomes, increased patient and visitor satisfaction, reduced medical errors, enhanced patient safety, improved operational efficiencies, more provider collaboration, less hospital noise, and better patient confidentiality.

    From Telehealth to Electronic Health Records to Nurse Call Monitoring that connects caregivers directly to both patients and colleagues, ICT delivers new, robust, and more efficient ways of instantly accessing, communicating, and storing data. Highly distributed networks exploit the latest mobile and wireless technology to improve the flow of critical information, helping to save time, expense — and lives. Presentation.
    Protecting patient privacy and promoting a safe, healthful atmosphere for patients, families, and caregivers can have a real impact on the patient experience. A well-designed acoustical environment improves speech intelligibility and noise control for Electronic Notification Systems, including Clinical Alarms, Paging and Call Systems, and Sound Reinforcement Systems, all strategically coordinated with certification programs, local regulations, and provider evaluation programs, including FGI Guidelines, HIPAA requirements, and HCAHPS surveys.
    Acoustical specialists help isolate Operating Rooms, Imaging Facilities, and Patient Areas from problematic vibration sources, such as ground-borne vibration, mechanical equipment, and the activities of nearby building occupants. Building equipment, roadways, fitness centers, and rail lines can generate significant and unexpected levels of structural vibration that travel throughout a building, disrupting sensitive imaging, research, and diagnostic equipment.

Across all disciplines, our designs are coordinated and documented according to applicable regulations, certification programs and provider evaluation programs, including FGI Guidelines, HIPAA requirements, HCAHPS surveys, plus local and state regulations, among others.

Distinguished as one of the country’s top technology consulting firms, Sextant Group / NV5 Engineering & Technology offers independent full-service planning, design, specification, and project management. Architects, interior designers, owners, and facility planners look to us as technology adviser and consultant. Helping stakeholders and design teams explore and articulate present and future needs through our intrinsic understanding of how technology and users interact, we then enable that dynamic to inform and shape the healing environment.