• Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Engineering Design – Stanford University
  • Board of Directors 2012-2014 – AVIXA

Principal Consultant

A thought leader deeply involved in exploring the intersection of emerging technologies and future needs, Andrew has spent over 20 years innovating for higher education. An educator, researcher, and technology consultant, he applies his research-informed background to design thinking, and his multi-faceted perspective to teaching, learning, and technology. Earning his Ph.D. in Engineering at Stanford University’s Center for Design Research, Dr. Milne developed and evaluated pervasive computing collaboration technologies to support distributed engineering design teams. He went on to apply the insights and methodologies he developed at Stanford to inform his work in the commercial sector, both as a technology developer and consultant. Andrew has also contributed to the discourse on learning space design as an author, presenter, and volunteer. On the team that wrote the first version of the ELI Learning Spaces Rating System, he has both written and presented forward-looking perspectives on learning technology topics for EDUCAUSE, SCUP, Campus Technology, AVIXA, and other education-oriented conference events. Andrew has contributed to technology systems planning and design for new and existing building projects at more than 180 academic campuses around the world.

Andrew is based in Palo Alto and can be contacted at 877.684.2311 x299