Project Description

University of Alberta, Alberta Heart Institute/Capital Health, Centre of Excellence – Shaw 3-i Auditorium in Abacus

The Alberta Cardiovascular and Stroke Research Centre (ABACUS) is the “hospital of the future,” where medical professionals and researchers apply breakthrough therapies and biomedical devices to patients who require immediate care, clinical trials participants and participants of educational programs. This innovative centre provides patient care alongside scientific research and collaboration on the international stage. Care, diagnostics, R&D and education are interwoven and interactive within one central facility.

At the heart of ABACUS is Shaw “3-i” Auditorium (“Interactive, Innovative, Inspiration”), a collaborative facility allowing healthcare professionals, patients, researchers, students and others to communicate and interact locally and internationally using conventional conferencing, virtual conferencing and digital connection with clinical operations.

The Shaw was designed to deliver a high degree of flexibility and be accessible to a broad range of users. Capabilities include

• Display video images in all resolution standards and formats in large size and at points distributed throughout the auditorium
• Reproduction and reinforcement of sound required for program, conferencing and speech
• The capacity for users to effectively manage images, sound and the auditorium environment in a flexible but simple-to-navigate manner

The auditorium includes visualization information systems in an interdisciplinary theatre setting, supporting the presentation of images and graphics, collaborative small group work, image sharing/screen capture, live survey and other data acquisition, transmission and conferencing activities with super high-def 17.7 million pixel display.

With digital transformation at its heart, Shaw also harnesses cutting-edge IT, leveraging advanced technology to create a venue where healthcare professionals, patients and others can communicate locally as easily as internationally in a media-rich environment.

Project Details

  • Location: Edmonton Canada
  • Size: 8,000 GSF
  • Budget: $3M
  • Scope of Work: Planning/Design: Audiovisual, IT/Telecom, Acoustics
  • Year Completed: 2007