Project Description

Presbyterian Health Foundation Research Park, Videoconference Center

With contemporary medical challenges no longer confined to a specific geography, and infectious rates fueled by increasing global mobility (e.g. Zika, Ebola, SARS, MRSA), the ability to rapidly draw and share data from many sources quickly and easily can truly be a lifesaver. Collaboration is an ever more critical ingredient. By necessity, the tools necessary to address these complex issues are also becoming ever more sophisticated, benefiting from advances in computer modeling, 3-D simulation and immersive virtual environments. But the very strength of the ability to manipulate and present massive datasets in a variety of ways also becomes a limiting factor, as on-line collaboration is restrained by an infrastructure never designed to handle huge bandwidth demands.

The new Presbyterian Health Foundation Executive Conference Center in the Oklahoma Health Center’s Research Park was designed to support spin-off development of the significant research occurring in the region. With sophisticated technologies now available to a variety of regional organizations, researchers and practitioners can communicate collaboratively with counterparts anywhere in the world. Public and private institutions are now connected to the worldwide community tackling complex health issues, linked via OneNet, a fully integrated IP-based statewide fiber network with Internet-2 capabilities.

These theatres are now capable of supporting real-time sharing and collaborative analysis of large-scale (including 3-dimensional) data sets. In the light of recent health, disease and security concerns, it presages the possibility of command-and-control centers for crisis management.

Project Details

  • Location: Oklahoma City OK
  • Size: N/A
  • Budget: $2.2M
  • Scope of Work: Planning/Design: Audiovisual, IT/Telecom, Acoustics
  • Year Completed: 2004