Project Description

Department of Veterans Affairs Hospital Campus – New Medical Center

As part of New Orleans’ remarkable rebirth, the $995M, 1.6M SF replacement medical center is a healthcare model of the future, striving to set a new standard for patient-centered care, flexibility, and sustainability. The Sextant Group’s involvement in the nine-building complex includes audiovisual planning & design, architectural acoustics, and noise & vibration control for clinical, treatment, inpatient and long term care, conferencing, education and office spaces.

Control capabilities allow all audiovisual systems to leverage the hospital’s existing network infrastructure, delivering unparalleled ease in management of all systems and components by authorized support staff. Room-specific and complex-wide systems include

  • Telemedicine capabilities, with videoconferencing and web-streaming, allowing high-definition 2-way communication with remote locations
  • Multimedia distribution, retrieval and display systems in patient rooms, including Video-on-Demand, delivering both entertainment and patient-specific health education directly to bedside
  • Digital signage and electronic wayfinding displays throughout with current news, information, directions

Challenges include intelligibility and speech privacy, sound impact and isolation, mechanical vibration, environmental and building system noise control. Extensive computer modeling supports the acoustical design phase, with a variety of noise measurement tests performed throughout construction. Particular care is taken throughout to isolate adjacent spaces acoustically and establish appropriate listening and/or private environs — the ubiquitous use of multimedia, HIPAA requirements and substantial HVAC systems (especially as they each impact the need to provide an acoustically-appropriate healing environment) increases the complexity.

Project Details

  • Location: New Orleans LA
  • Size: 1,600,000 GSF
  • Budget: $995M
  • Scope of Work: Planning/Design: Audiovisual, Acoustics
  • Year Completed: 2013