Foreseeing Trend, We Welcome Nancy Sturm

WASHINGTON DC – As technology advances at the speed of light, it is impacting student interactions within the classroom environment. To help clients transition from a lecture-based teaching model (with the professor at the front of the classroom) to one where students work together in small groups, we have hired a former Executive Director of the Challenger Learning Center for Space Science Education.

We welcome Nancy Sturm as Principal Consultant, Education Transformation Specialist.

An education adviser to state and national executives at the highest levels, Nancy is now a national resource to institutions of higher learning across North America. A recognized expert in academic simulation, virtual learning environments and faculty development, Sturm brings over 30 years experience as an educational transformation specialist. Her mission is to help educators explore the impact of emerging technologies on the learning space through specially-designed seminars that lead to a nuanced understanding of the interrelationships between technology and pedagogy. The results can be powerful, enabling institutions to strategically leverage the strengths of a fully 21st century academic environment.

“Those in academia recognize that Nancy is unique,” says Mark Valenti. “She not only brings a visionary perspective on technology in the learning space, but she is one of the few with award-winning, first-hand, practical experience. Nancy not only speaks the language, but has trekked through every teaching challenge, and has the passport to prove it.”

As higher education institutions free themselves from “how it’s always been done” thinking to explore how emerging technology enables changes in pedagogy, technology consultants, and others whose products and services directly impact higher education facilities, must determine how they can assist owners and other stakeholders navigate these rapidly changing waters. Hiring Sturm allows us to expand beyond its typical audiovisual consultant role to one that is deeply involved in the teaching and learning process.

Sturm’s professional credentials also include serving as Educational Technology Advisor to the State of West Virginia, where she designed, developed and launched the innovative Classroom Sim, the first online simulation game providing teachers with venue to practice classroom discipline strategies, and integrated into several Colleges of Education and Professional Development Centers nationwide. As Executive Director of the Challenger Learning Center, Nancy created the professional development program EdVentures in Simulation: A Great START to the 21st Century, which was implemented in all learning centers across the country.

This success that came to the attention of the White House seven years ago, who invited her to personally brief President Bush on successful development and implementation of e-Mission, a first-of-its-kind online space simulation, still in use today by students and teachers nationwide.

“As a visionary leader, Nancy not only drives revenue through first-of-a-kind innovations, she also supports colleges and universities by helping them navigate how technology is fundamentally changing the learning environments that they plan, design, and construct,” Valenti observes. “That thought-leadership showed itself as far back as the 1980’s when she was honored as Iowa’s Science Teacher of the Year for her creative, innovative approach to teaching science through project-based, situation cognition learning environments. Now, decades later, her current programs and techniques still focus on enabling educators to more effectively motivate and facilitate student achievement.”

Sturm holds a Master of Science in Education from the University of Iowa and a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education from the University of Northern Iowa. She is based in The Sextant Group’s metropolitan Washington DC office.

“I’m delighted to join The Sextant Group because of its commitment to and focus on higher education and learning-focused organizations,” said Sturm. “At a time when emerging technologies are enabling truly revolutionary transformations in pedagogy, The Sextant Group is an exciting place to be.”