Healthcare Technology and Acoustics

Contemporary healthcare facilities are filled with technology systems increasingly sophisticated and complex. Properly planned and managed, these systems offer enormous benefit to patients, clinicians and support staff. Unfortunately, these systems are often disparate and unable to share data between systems, resulting in inefficiencies, lost opportunities and cost over-runs.

As patient satisfaction, clinician need, compliance issues and regulatory demands are driving the unique application of technology to Healthcare, institutions increasingly prefer a comprehensive approach, unifying infrastructure, middleware and disparate systems into a common topology. Strategically-planned Healthcare Technology Systems improve patient outcomes and reduce costs by integrating clinical devices to the Electronic Health Record (EHR), managing assets, reducing errors, managing alerts, improving communications, tracking patient / clinician location, improving clinician efficiency, speeding bed-ready systems, and preparing for future systems without impacting current operations.

    Medical Equipment Devices, Instruments and Control Components. From soap dispensers to MRIs and everything in between, every item needed to take a patient from admission to discharge.
    Local Area / Wide Area Network, Voice and Data, Fiber-Optic Communications, Inside & Outside Cable Plant, Nurse Call / Code Blue, Interactive Patient Education, Data Centers, Distributed Antenna Systems, Unified Communications, RFID / RTLS for Asset Management, GPS / Master Clock Systems, Middleware, Smart Patient Rooms
    Video Surveillance, Access Control, Intrusion Detection, Emergency Telephones, Asset Protection / Loss Control, Infant Protection, Patient Wandering
    Virtual Care, Telehealth, OR/Operating Room Media and Display, Medical Simulation Systems, Public Address, Paging / Call Systems, Sound Reinforcement Systems, Digital Signage Network, Interactive Patient Education and Entertainment, Kiosks & Interactive Wayfinding, Conference Center Presentation
    Measurement, analysis, and design of rooms acoustics, sound isolation, speech privacy, mechanical system noise, environmental noise, construction noise, operational noise, and structural vibration to protect patient privacy and promote a safe and healthful atmosphere for patients, families, and caregivers.