Acoustics & Vibration Control

Bad acoustics and noise control can spoil the best spaces. An appropriate acoustic environment is an integral component of the built environment. Speech intelligibility, acoustic privacy, and freedom from unwanted noise affect occupant satisfaction and productivity. The Sextant Group works with architects, engineers, and building owners to develop practical acoustical solutions that complement a project’s functional, aesthetic, and budgetary goals. Our expertise includes:

    The shape and finishes designed to create acoustic environments that enhance speech intelligibility, promote music clarity, support audio capture systems, and eliminate reverberant noise.
    Building details that promote freedom from noise caused by activities taking place in other areas of the building, multimedia systems, and noise produced by mechanical systems.
    Design of mechanical systems to mitigate unwanted noise and vibration, which can be transmitted to building occupants and the surrounding environment.
    Noise levels in healthcare facilities significantly impact patient outcomes. It can disrupt sleep, increase patient blood pressure, heart rates, stress levels, pain, inflammation, and weight. Other substantive issues include the intelligibility of spoken medical information, patient histories, prescriptions, and medical orders.

A variety of supplemental services are also available to address unique challenges posed by each project. These include acoustical testing, computer modeling, and design related to Environmental Noise, Structural Vibration, Broadcast / Production Studios, Sound Masking, LEED, and Standard/Code Compliance.