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Luxor Hotel & Casino – Allied eSports Gaming Arena

Allied eSports Arena in Las Vegas, the first permanent eSports venue on the Las Vegas Strip, recently opened to rave reviews. The new 30,000 SF multilevel arena is designed to host every form of gaming, from daily play to high-stakes eSports tournaments.

The facility features a competition stage, a broadcast-quality TV studio, an interactive history of gaming display, a 360-degree […]

August 29th, 2018|Lighting, Sports & Rec|

What’s the Score? When it Comes to Pixel Count, How Much is Enough? — by Principal Mark Gillis with Senior Systems Designer Joe Hammett

The Sextant Group has been specifying direct-view LED systems for nearly a decade. These large displays have been particularly useful in sports venues, providing huge canvases for graphics, scoring information and video that is visible from most of the seats in any given venue. Generally high cost items, they were available with pixel pitches in the 15-16mm range – […]

Technology and The Evolving Sports Experience — by Mark Gillis CTS-D, Principal Consultant

With insightful commentary, dozens of camera angles for replay of every critical event and affordable hyper-real 4k televisions, TV gives the sports fan an “up close and personal” viewing experience. Why would anyone leave the comfort of his or her own living room to attend a live sporting event?

This question is driving sport franchises (and the architects and engineers […]