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HIGHER ED PROJECTS: WHO ARE OUR REAL CLIENTS? — by Nancy Sturm, Principal Consultant

We all know our clients and their needs, right? We’ve been listening to them for years. They spell out their vision and goals in RFQ’s with great buzz words and phrases like State-of-the-Art Classrooms, 21st Century Skills, Active Learning. And we faithfully recite those words back at the interview thinking that’s what they want to hear. But have we […]


The Sextant Group recently joined forces with NV5 Engineering & Technology, resulting in many good conversations with our new fellow engineers. For example, when designing new buildings or renovating existing spaces, how can one get best value from acoustics and mechanical systems?
Principal of Acoustics Greg Coudriet INCE Bd. Cert, LEED AP BD+C and HVAC Department Head Stephanie Lafontaine […]


The Chicken or the Egg?

While “convergence” is a fun buzz word now commonplace when discussing technology, by definition, it’s when two or more things merge to form a new whole. In the past, technology deployed in the learning space varied dramatically from workplace technology. For instance, apart from some company training, do you spend your workdays in a […]

EMERGENCY OPERATIONS CENTERS: Five Emerging AV Technology Trends — By Don Fisher CTS-D

Emergency Operations Centers (EOC) come in all shapes and sizes. Every state, county or big city has some sort of facility to address emergency situations. You will also find EOCs at universities, hospitals and businesses. Sometimes they are permanent, purpose designed spaces; other times they are just a simple, flexible conference room that can turned into an EOC as […]


Almost like a techno-Mary Poppins, Principal Joe Bocchiaro explains levels of audiovisual craftmanship in this article that first appeared in Sound & Communications magazine.

Some years ago, I was working in West Palm Beach FL on a courthouse AV project. I was the design consultant on the project, and the integrators had to finish a few things before we did […]

August 22nd, 2019|Audiovisual, Commentary, Knowledge|

Connecting Across the Globe: Corporate Workplace Technology — By Greg Clark CTS, INCE, Principal Consultant

SAP is a global trailblazer in enterprise software and software-related services. With over 58,000 employees in over 130 countries, effective communication and collaboration amongst its widespread workforce and its expansive customer base is a highly important factor in maintaining the company’s role as a dynamic and innovative leader in its industry. Like with many corporations, ready access to resources that […]

No Acousticians Were Harmed — By Senior Consultant Julie Fischer LEED AP BD+C

In the nearly 15 years that I have been a consultant, there have been many projects to come across my desk — corporate offices, schools, high-end hotels and residences, museums, and unnamed government facilities. However, the strangest and most interesting was probably the Department of State Foreign Affairs Security Training Center (FASTC). This is where I learned that guns […]

July 8th, 2019|Acoustics, Knowledge|

INTELLIGENT BUILDINGS: Patti Fisher Explains It All

System Designer Patti Fisher RCDD, DCDC, OSP, WD authors the latest cover story Intelligent Buildings and ICT: Preparing for Buildings of the Future in the BICSI trade journal ICT Today. One of only 200 BICSI-certified Data Center Design Consultants (DCDC) and fewer than 100 credentialed in Wireless Design (WD), she is part of an elite group among all IT […]

The New Intelligent Building: IoT and the Promise of 5G Networksby Senior Consultant J.P. Bonin

With the introduction of the fifth-generation of cellular networks, commonly referred to as 5G, there are powerful new intelligent building capabilities on the near horizon. 5G will be a catalyst for expanding the effectiveness of the Internet of Things (IoT) — the embedded sensors and beacons tied to a myriad of building systems — providing real-time operational and analytic […]

Technology and the New Pedagogy in Higher Education – by Principal Craig Park FSMPS, ASSOC.AIA

For over 100 years, didactic learning models – with faculty lecturing as the “sage on the stage” – have dominated the pedagogical approach in most colleges and universities. In the last decade, we’ve seen a marked shift toward student-centric learning models, where the faculty serves more as a “guide on the side,” helping cohort teams research, compile, and present […]