by Michelle Hofmaster MSSM, CHS-III, Senior Consultant, The Sextant Group

Technology, technology, technology! Security technology has advanced so rapidly, yet many organizations simply do not budget for the security face lift, a.k.a security technology upgrades. Following are 7 Security trends for 2014 that many organizations will be implementing:

  1. Migration Planning – Many video, access control, and intrusion detections systems are antiquated and utilize analog technology. By understanding what systems currently exist and what systems are needed to migrate to digital technology, a migration plan and budgeting can be developed.
  2. Biometrics – The time has come where biometric technology is reliable and cost effective. The addition of biometrics readers can not only confirm access rights to open a door but also allow for screening individuals entering an area utilizing facial recognition. This screening allows for the comparison of the facial image to any data base.
  3. Cloud based storage – More and more organizations are not replacing or updating servers to store their valuable data; they are renting cloud based storage.
  4. Integration – It’s not just electronic security systems that are being integrated to function as one system. The addition of a Physical Security Management System (PSIM) allows for the integration of many other electronic systems, such as: lighting, life safety, mechanical, elevators, and many more.
  5. Analytics – The use and reliability of utilizing analytic software with live video has become the new norm in designing any video surveillance system. By running analytic software with the video, objects left behind, people counting and many other functions become another tool in the electronic security realm.
  6. Visitor Management – Web hosted visitor management systems are increasingly becoming popular. A visitor or new employee can visit your web site and pre-register the visit by filling out a form. This allows for the tracking of who is coming to your facility and when without utilizing staff hence reducing costs.
  7. Video – Cameras today are smarter than ever and can see objects the naked eye cannot. Many organizations are utilizing infra-red cameras in their lobbies to determine if employees and visitors have a fever and may be carrying the influenza virus, or other epidemic related virus. By identifying these individuals and restricting their access to your facility, the threat of your employees becoming contaminated is greatly reduced.

2014 is going to be a busy year with all of the security technology upgrades that are available. Are you ready?