The Sextant Group is consultants offering audiovisual (AV), informations technologies (IT) / data / telecommunications, security, architectural acoustics, noise & vibration control, specialty lighting, faculty development, and medical communications services. Located in Atlanta GA, Columbus OH, New York NY, Phoenix AZ, Pittsburgh PA, Omaha NE, Santa Barbara CA, and Washington DC.
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2006, 2010
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The Sextant Group - AV, IT, Security, Acoustics


NC State “Library of the Future” featured in
Architect Magazine (pages 294 - 310),
wins InfoComm International's 2013
People's Choice Awards for Technology in Education

The Sextant Group of companies support owners and architects across North America with demonstrated expertise in Strategic Technology Planning, Planning and Programming, Infrastructure Design, Systems Design & Specification, and Construction Administration for new construction, facility renovation and the realization of intelligent buildings.

AUDIO VISUAL SYSTEMS: Active Learning Classrooms, Training and Educational Technology, Multimedia Classrooms, Videoconference Rooms, Distance Learning Facilities, Performing Arts Facilities, Libraries, Sports Venues, Research Labs, Visualization, Video Walls, Holographic and Virtual Reality, Teaching Labs, Telepresence, Graphical Control Systems, Immersive Environments, Command & Control and Kiosks & Interactive Wayfinding

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY & TELECOMMUNICATION: Voice, Data and Video Infrastructure, Telecommunications, Network Planning and Design, Data Center Planning and Design, Building Management Systems, Streaming Media, Wireless Internet Access, Digital Libraries, Information Communications Technology (ICT), Outside Plant (OSP), Converged Networks, Disaster Avoidance and Recovery Planning, Unified Voice/Data/Video/Security/Storage

BUILDING SECURITY & ACCESS CONTROL: Integrated Physical Security Systems, Security Assessment, Video Surveillance Systems, Security Cameras, Access Control, Structured Cabling Systems, Intrusion Detection, Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED), Threat Assessment

ARCHITECTURAL ACOUSTICS, NOISE & VIBRATION CONTROL: Architectural Acoustics, Room Acoustics, Sound Isolation, Mechanical System Noise and Vibration Control, Environmental Noise Control, Structural Vibration, Acoustic and Vibration Testing, 3D Acoustical Modeling, LEED and Sustainable Design and Documentation, Sound and Impact Isolation, Speech Privacy, HIPAA Compliance, and Occupational Noise including design for Classrooms, Lecture Halls, Healthcare Facilities, Multi-family Dwellings, Residence Halls, Hotels, Research Facilities, Offices, Libraries, Courthouses, Auditoriums, Theatres, Radio and Television Broadcast Studios, Multimedia Production Studios

SPECIALTY LIGHTING: Specialty Lighting Design (both interior and exterior) for stage and screen, including Exhibits, Galleries, Displays, Hospitality, Retail, Restaurants, plus theatres, sound stages, television studios, video teleconference rooms, other spaces involving audience and/or cameras

INTELLIGENT BUILDINGS: Building Automation Systems, Smart Buildings, Building System Controls, Building Management Systems

SUSTAINABILITY: The Sextant Group places high importance on developing solutions with sustainable designs. Our LEED-accredited professionals help to integrate sustainable design principles into all of our projects, whether LEED Certified or not.

FACULTY DEVELOPMENT : Faculty Support and Professional Development, Pedagogy and Instructional Strategies, Active Learning / Problem-Based Learning, Simulated Learning Environments, Pilot Learning Space Development

MED COMM: Integration / Middleware Consulting, Nurse Call / Code Blue, Bedside Data Entry / Clinical Flow, RFID/RTLS/Asset Locating, Infant Protection, Interactive Patient Edutainment, Wired and Wireless Telemetry, Clinical Observation AV Systems, HIPAA-compliant Acoustics, GPS & Master Clock, Public Address and Intercom, Carrier Service Coordination, Asset Protection & Loss Control, Emergency Telephone


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